Individual Biographies

Lucy Dafwyn

By night, Lucy Dafwyn is a singer and sonic artist with an interest in creating soundscapes and film soundtracks through manipulating and layering vocal sounds and utterances. As well as NSWAC, she is also 1/2 of the Oddstep Deployment Unit, 1/3 of the Burning World Quartet/Check Out My Bad Self and involved with the Café Concrete Collective. By day, she is Dr Lucy Davies, a research impact officer at Plymouth University, with an interest in sensory perception & adaptation.

No Such Word as Cun’t: “5 Bucks”, Remix of Live Performance:

No Such Word as Cun’t: Café Concrete Video Promo:

Lucy Dafwyn Solo work:

Oddstep Deployment Unit: Vox Box submission:

Oddstep Deployment Unit: Folkstone Fringe:


Shaun Lewin

Shaun Lewin has performed as part of the Damo Suzuki Network, Oddstep Deployment Unit and Dumonian House Band. People have given nice reviews to his latest AV collaboration with Mike McInerney, Piano:Forest, one person even called it a “vegetal attack”. His AV collaboration with Neil Rose – the Inventory of Witchery was shown at the Algofilm microfestival.

Piano:Forest excerpt.

Vegetal attack review:

Oddstep Deployment promo video by Neil Rose:

Inventory of Witchery. Iteration #1:

Nowhere Island/Cornish Smugglers track:




Alex Johnson

Alex Johnson has performed as part of Damo Suzuki Network, Mummy thinks we’re special, Dumonian House Band and The Burning World Quartet. In 2007 he performed as part of a 100 guitar orchestra for ‘Symphony 13 – Hallucination City’ by Glenn Branca.

Planters Punch by Burning World Quartet:



Mummy Thinks we’re special (VoxBox 2009):

Symphony 13: Hallucination City By Glenn Branca (Excerpts)


Cathy McCabe

Cathy McCabe is an accomplished musician, writer and cabaret artist, having been the originator of the award-winning site-specific artwork Drive in Deco, one-half of the infamous punk feminist sex burlesque duo Ladies of Pleasure, and played violin with various experimental-music outfits in Plymouth and beyond. When not on stage making people laugh and feel uncomfortable, Cathy is a practising sociologist at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, where she is currently working on her Master’s thesis, an exploration of alternative sexual cultures.

Ladies of Pleasure:

Misty McFisty

Misty McFisty is a photographer, artist and sultry vocalist in the style of Nico – if Nico had been born a Cheshire Girl! Her photography uses lights, make-up and every artifice to celebrate the glory, glamour and wonder of the female face and form. In addition to her photography work, Misty is also a Situational ExperiMENTAList. She is currently working on her latest project, Brown Sofa, which is part of a wider body of work The Art of Sitting – an exploration of psychic decay and physical inactivity.

Hollywood Jigsaw:



2 thoughts on “Individual Biographies

  1. Hi
    Saw you at Falmouth at the Dark Sound conference and never got a chance to say thanks… really enjoyed it.
    I still got Gimli and Legolas flashbacks.

    regards Kit


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