Get your diaries out! Lots of upcoming gigs with NSWAC and friends, including Gugalanna, Zapoppin, WyfofBath….

Thursday 7th January
RASH DECISION with Volatile Idea, Fades, Swansong, Gugalanna and The Fluids
Thursday 14th January
51ST STATE with CDS, Public Band, Cherry Reds, NSWAC and Glider
Friday 22nd January – co-promoted with Sonic Lobotomy (last show)
ZEUS! | Zolle | Antithesis Of Man | WYFOFBATH
Saturday 19th March
BAZOOKA (from Greece) with Bad Credentials, Sexy Offenders, Glider and Gugalanna
Monday or Tuesday 9th-10th May
NEW CANDYS (from Italy) with Zapoppin, Fades and NSWAC


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