Cunt Drum


No Such Word as Cun’t create mesmerising and unnerving wet-dreamscapes for your pleasure. We are Lucy Dafwyn (vocals, drums, trumpet), Cathy McCabe (violin, vocals), Misty McFisty (spoken-words, bad-ass), Alex Johnson (guitar) and Sion Lewin (visuals, synthesis).

Our various overlapping/intermingling projects and contrivances include Oddstep Deployment Unit (Guattari Synth-Pop), Burning World Quartet (Sound-Tracks to Imaginary Worlds), Check Out My Bad Self (Feminist Twisted Dirge-pop), Ladies of Pleasure (Punk Sex Burlesque),Hollywood Jigsaw (Throwback Hollyweird Visuals) & Mummy Thinks We’re Special (Abject Yogi-pop)

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No Such Word as C^n’t

The onset of Fred Nietzsche’s mature work is marked by the enunciation of a new conceptual technology: the philosophical hammer. It is characteristic of Nietzsche’s writing that this formulation is open to contradictory fascist and artisanal readings. Who is wielding this hammer? Is it Nietzsche-Zarathustra, “a heavy drop before the lightning”, deliberating the invocation of a Wagnerian Gotterdammerung? Or […]

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